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tv   ABC 7 News at 5PM  ABC  October 7, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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as they left, employees declined to speak to us. mike called his survival the beginning of a second life. the bullet went through his arm missed bone. he's not suffered loss of feeling or movement. and thank you very much. the police officer in a man were hospitalized after suching over the officer's gun this morning just after 10:30 on lee avenue. the officer responded to a call about suspicious activity. so he was saying he heard three successive shots and then there was a fight over pistol. the man grabbed a gun and ran. another officer fired at the suspect taken into custody z no one was actually shot just the gun was fired. and this officer and suspect
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were treated for injury autos a candle light vigil is getting underway in the scene of a deadly shooting last week. six people were shot, three died. here are two of the three victims killed. a 16-year-old and a 23-year-old and abc 7's nick smith joins us now. >> and this is about 15 minutes ago family members and friends have been arriving and friends started to gather, you can see they've started to lay flowers and light candles in memory of friends in this lot. police say two people opened fire, three victims were pronounced dead and just this afternoon i spoke with investigators who tell me this is very much an active case and they've hit a road block. friends and family who have
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gathered say they want the killer caught. >> this hurts to see everybody trying and everything being so sad. >> i want you to take a look at the picture this, is the man police are calling a person of interest. he is described as believed to have a distinguishing feature that is his teeth. the man has upper and lower gold teeth with diamonds in the canines, police are saying they're having trouble with witnesses coming forward and believe people know more than they're sharing. dispeak with investigators and will share more at 6:00. and here live in san leandro. >> there is a crack down on large scale marijuana
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operations in california. four u.s. attorneys unveiled the plan. under the plan, property and business owners will be given 45 days to shut down medical marijuana december pens riz or face criminal prosecutors. >> we're not focused on backyard grows with small amounts of marijuana for use by seriously ill people, but we're targeting commercial operations profiting from growing and distributing mayor and often use trappings of state law for cover but are abusing state law. >> and california voter arrived the -- approved the medical marijuana but federal laws make no exception for state law autos newly released unemployment figures show america's jobs crisis is not getting better. 103,000 jobs added in
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september, better than previous month, yet the rate held steady at 9.1%. and what some are saying is a ray of hope. >> the best thing that can be head sed about the unemployment report sthait wasn't a terrible one. it didn't give credibility to the argument that we're sliding closer to a recession. the reason the numbers were better than in previous months is because nearly half of the new jobs came from verizon. the company rehired 45,000 workers after going on strike. and this counts as new job autos again, it's not a negative report. those who have been saying that there is a recession coming we're not there yet. >> former labor secretary says the slow job growth has an impact on consumer confidence.
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>> americans can not buy because they're so stressed. they've got to save if they've got any money. but unless they buy, businesses are not going create new job autos rice who teaches at ucht c berkeley says the last resort is for the government to step in. right now, congress is battling over the president's $447 billion jobs package. >> and rebuilding roads, bridges, schools and ports and providing safety nets so they can turn and in turn buy things so that businesses will create job autos many americans are frustrated with congress. the movements like occupy wall street are growing. tact ti vifts here in san francisco are protesting what they call inequality in the american economy. and we found a 24-year-old
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graduate with a degree in environmental health can't get a job in her field. >> this is what i wanted to do. now i'm a glorified baby-sitter. i take care a lot of kids. you've got to support yourself. >> and the study represents 70% of the economy. some are somewhat optimistic because of holidays are coming up and there are and may be better numbers in coming months. >> thank you very much. and the wall street protest sprung up across the country. there are compare sons to protest movements of the 1960s, initial protestors were young people, it's expanding. and today demonstrators say motivation is personal.
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>> we don't have hope. and so... it's about time that people spoke out against it. that is beginning, just like in vietnam. >> the original protestors continue to be camped out in front of the federal reserve though police hauled away tents during a rain storm last couple days. claiming it was a safety issue but they are sticking it out. and a group calling itself occupy san jose is camped out in front of san jose city hall. protesters held up signs protesting tax loopholes benefiting big corporations and say the government is more concerned about bailing out big banks than helping ordinary americans. >> and the governor signed two bill fooz law. the first is meant to reduce the chance of another pipeline explosion like the one we saw last year, under the safety law, pg&e and other utilities
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will be required to install auto matic and remote control shut off valves. in san bruno gas pipeline there only equipped with a manual shut off. regulators will determine appropriate time line to install those valves. >> and starting in 2013 it will be illegal to sell or use shark fins in food. today the governor signed a bill into law banning possession, sale and distribution of imported shark fins in this state. some lawmakers had argued it unfairly attacks chinese culture where it's considered a dell dasy. >> a small private funeral fr steve jobs today. no details of the time and place were available. close friends and family remembered the man who became a legend. jobs just 56 when passing away wednesday. he'd been battling cancer for seven years and had a liver transplant in 2009. jobs leaves behind his wife and four children.
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>> three women fought for human rights in africa and middle east now share this year's nobel prize. the norwegian nobel committee divided at ward among democracy activist from yemen, first arab woman to win. liberian president, first woman to win a free presidential election in africa, and another woman campaigned against the use of rape as a weapon in a brutal civil war. >> women have an important role as generals in armies and women have important roles in security issues. i think this is an okay knowledgement of that and a special celebration in austria for arnold schwartzeneggar, returning to his hometown to
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inaugurate a museum dedicated to his life. from body building to acting, then politics and back to acting. the museum topped in july and located in a two story house in which he was born including his first barbell, a bed he slept on, movie memorabilia and coming up the way one u.s. company is cracking down ominous slim worker who's pray on the job. >> parents there is a new boost in age requirement for booster seats. >> there is a weekend warm up into next week. >> also police looking for a thief who stole a cuttout of one of their own. the news continues in one minute.
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>> the suspect involved in a robbery and shooting is now in cuffed. video shows what happened outside of a hardware store just after the shooting. you can see employees rushing in to help. the victim shot in the leg after refusing to give up her purse. the shooter crashed on 580 entrance ramp and took off on foot. westbound 580 closed yesterday and the victim is now recovering in the hospital. >> the facebook web site could help police in georgia solve another purse snatching case this, man's picture ended up on the page of a woman whose purse was robbed. authorities say he patches the description given. they think the thief took a picture of himself, and accidentally uploaded to it her facebook page, then synced
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with the phone. police are looking for the suspect. >> and police identified two men involved in a round table pizza robbery. one man has been arrested. the prime suspect is still at large there. is a $550 warrant for his arrest and should be considered armed and dangerous. >> we say it seems like people will steal anything, why would anyone steal a life sized cuttoff of a police canine unit? one pet store is asking that question. there is video showing a man waublging up to a store and making off with that display there. he goes. waits being used to draw attention a police canine fund-raiser. >> and hertz rental car
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suspended 34 somali muslim drivers at seattle tacoma si. hertz says they're required to block:00 in and out to make sure they stay within 10 minute break time. the worker union filed an unfair labor practice against hertz, hertz says these were the teerms worked out two years ago. >> california raising age limit for kids before they're allowed to ride without a child safety device. governor brown signed a bill requiring kids to be eight years old before they can stop using a booster seat. and this makes an exception under current law, they can abandon the booster once six years old or 60 pounds. >> and local responders using fleet week to offer disaster training for sailors and marines in the event of a disaster such as an earthquake,
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both navy and marine corps will be part of the response z today, san francisco firefighters toss in valuable skills shuch as how to use leverage. >> this military playing a huge role in assisting us. you don't want to meet someone on the battlefield. >> we don't have expertise in the marine corps. turning to someone who does this for a living is a great opportunity for us. >> today's training part of the mission to focus on assistance and disaster response preparations. >> and there is fleet week upon use we should check in with spencer to be sure. >> this hint of good weather, lfly weather, great weather. suggests we're gofg a lovely weekend there. is live views looking at san
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francisco. at some tallest areas. there is a lovely area. how about this view from our sutro camera. there is the golden gate and there are clear skies and just a hint of the faintest clouds near the coast this, shows a snow pack into the sierra. there is a big winter storm this week. snow pack looks like it was looking in mid winter. the rest of the state is enjoying conditions that look rather normal for this time of the year there is no hint of rainfall. and areas into low 70s or around 70. around the bay there are temperatures now mainly into 60s, these are the highlights. will be clear skies and cool overnight tonight. and there is a sunny weekend ahead and we'll have a warm pattern that actually extends
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into next week. low temperatures overnight will be on the cool side into the north bay. and there is low 50s in most other locations overnight. sheer our satellite image showing a large ridge of high pressure building in now. it's going to be nom nant feature sometime. there is no weather disturbances headed our way. there are a string of sunny days getting milder until peaking out next week. overnight watch time line here. we'll see mainly clear skies into morning hours, sunny. sunshine reaching from coast to inland except for patches of low clouds along some coastal areas. high temperatures tomorrow into our narrow range from 6 ows near the coast and around the bay to 70s inland. there is highs into mid-70s and there is low to mid-70s,
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70 in gill mil brai. mid-60s on the coast. and downtown san francisco will have a high of 69 tomorrow. 65 into sunset district. north bay, mid to upper 70s, and 78 in clover dale. 78 in cal stoga. 77 santa rosa. near east bay, low to mid-70s will be the rule. there is highs into mid to upper 70s, 77 fairfield and concord and highs of 70 in watsonville. and inland, mid to upper 70s, here is the accu-weather forecast. there is temperatures peak wednesday and thursday with highs into mid-80s, low 80s around the bay. and don't forget there is a little symbol there for blue angels over the weekend flying under friendly skies and going
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to be a lovely weekend. and end of the week a rather significant change of the weather, temperatures dropping rather sharply. clouds increasing might suggest precipitation around the corner. we'll wait to worry about that. a study found one in 13 children in the united states has some type of food allergy and nearly half suffer severe reactions. this sunday we talk about the big eight list of foods that can cause reactions. you're going to meet a mother who blogs about her battle and her daughter's battle with food allergies. >> sometimes small children even a gram of peanuts can create a severe allergic reaction and death that. is why this is not a funny thing but a serious thing we all have to take seriously.
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>> so please join me to learn important resources to help your family. >> we'll tune in for that. >> and coming up next, your dry cleaning bill just went down thanks to finney's friday free stuff. >> and 7 on your side returns at 6:00. a report on a company ready to stand behind it's lifetime warranty but there is a glitch at 6:00. back in a moment. $
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no exclusions! with jcp cash, get 10, 15 or 20 dollars off on the spot storewide! unlike other stores, we don't make you come back to save. get up to $2off with no exclusions! we make style affordable. you make it yours. jcpenney. at 6:00 the major expansion of an east bay reservoir whairkts means for the water supply as well as endangered fish and a look at local organizations trying to spark a love of science among
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the children of an under served neighborhood and our vee view of george clooney's latest movie. >> and a sacramento neighborhood is under attack by wild turkey autos yes. >> go away. go away. oh, my god. >> she did not have a stick. she was defenseless. a sacramento television producer wanted to check out the story and ended up running scared. >> and the turkey kept coming. she ran to her car and locked herself inside. >> and people are frayed to go outside. when they do, carrying sticks or bats to protect themselves. we have turkeys on our street and they're kind after gresive. >> thanks for joining us. this is "world news." tonight, the doctor speaks. what michael jackson's doctor told police soon after the pop star's death. his


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